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[25] Cleanroom & fabrication equipments in CAU [Click]

[24] Glove box & Equipments for sol-gel process [Click]

[23] Heat treatment system [Click]

[22] RTA system [Click]

[21] RF/DC magnetron sputter [Click]

[20] Aligner, chemical fume hood, spin coater, hot plate [Click]

[19] Nexus Mini 2.5 atomic layer deposition system [Click]

[18] UVC-300 UV ozone cleaner [Click]

[17] R/G/B/IR/UV LED [Click]

[16] BOONTON 7200 capacitance meter [Click]

[15] JISCO high temperature drying oven [Click]

[14] High power He-Ne laser & optical components [Click]

[13] Daeil optical table [Click]

[12] In-house Hall measurement system [Click]

[11] Labview equipped data acquisition computers [Click]

[10] Signal recovery 5210,& SR830 lock-in amplifiers [Click]

[9] FEMTO, DHPCA-100 variable-gain high speed current amplifier [Click]

[8] Agilent 8110A 150MHz pulse generator [Click]

[7] Agilent 4284 precision LCR meter [Click]

[6] Agilent 89441 vector-signal analyzer [Click]

[5] SR570 low-noise amplifier [Click]

[4] MST-1000B temperature controller [Click]

[3] Vacuum probe station & gas sensor characterization system M5VC [Click]

[2] 4156A precision semiconductor parameter analyzer [Click]

[1] 4156C semiconductor parameter analyzer with a 6 point probe station [Click]





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